Staff Application for Builder

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Staff Application for Builder

Post by TheLostVibrant on Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:01 am

hello there i am TLV i am mostly a builder to small and nice servers that i can enjoy. i want to be builder because you need one as you said in chat but to let you know if i get this approved and is accepted there are a few things to let you know i cant have: llama eggs, no tnt, power tools, auto enchant aka put powerful enchants on your things i am not one of those guys who breaks servers though ive done that before, i cant have spectator mode because reasons, and finally i cant have most world edit commands because sometimes commands cant be reversed. and now with that out of the way i will say what you need to know. i love building and will always be my passion, i got my training from a server called sanacraft which is still a small server but is just a beautiful place to wander around in. the times i like building is when i am needed for houses i can show a few pictures of recent builds like my favorite house. i build with wood and decorate with everything other materials i veer away from nether and end blocks because they dont seem like i decoration to me. i hope you liked this and i havent applied in a while so wish me luck.


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Re: Staff Application for Builder

Post by MrJenteZ on Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:10 am

Will be taken into consideration. Be active on the server and please provide a plotnumber.


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