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Ban Appeals

Post by Stekelbees on Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:02 pm

Hey there!

You're probably in this section because you are banned from the server. In order to get your account/IP unbanned from Emerald Dream Craft, we'll have to clear some things out:

1. If you have a temporary ban (for less than 3 days), don't make a ban appeal. It was given for a reason and you'll just have to wait.
2. If you've been banned more than 3 times, don't make a ban appeal. The chance you'll be unbanned after handing in an appeal is nonexistent.
3. If you're banned because of hacking/cheating, your chance of getting unbanned is nonexistent, too.

Now, making an appeal is quite easy, but be sure to keep it formal. We don't want an accusation letter in which you accuse staff for banning you for no reason. We don't do that.
Please include the following information in your appeal:

- Minecraft username?
- Date of ban? (dd/mm)
- Why are you banned?
- For how long?
- Why should we unban you?

Just reply these questions in the comment section below. Do NOT send your appeal via PM, because it might get lost in the list of PMs of the staff!
We will send you a PM on the forum to inform you if you're either unbanned or not.

Thanks for joining us!

- The EDC Team

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