Rules and consequences

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Rules and consequences

Post by MrJenteZ on Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:16 pm

Hey everyone!

This subforum is meant as a chatbox where you can make topics freely. We advise you to read our forum rules in the "The EDC Constitution" subforum before creating a topic. The rules in that subforum also need to be taken into consideration on the forum and not only on the server.

We have an active staff checking the forum every once in a while. If we have to ban you from the forum, we're also urged to ban you from the Minecraft server. This means you CANNOT submit a ban appeal!

You've all been warned. Now, let's keep this subforum a dream and not turn it into a nightmare.

You can make topics about factions only. If you need help with some commands, feel free to ask other members or create a topic here.

If you don't understand how factions work, please make a topic here. There will be many peoply willing to help you further with your problem. If something that you want to do is not working, please make sure you clearly tell us what's wrong, what's not working, and what you tried to do to make it work.

Don't make post about things you can find using google. So things like "What's the command for", don't do that, or the thread will be locked and deleted.

- The EDC Team

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