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Post by MrJenteZ on Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:19 pm

Hello dreamer!

First of all, welcome to our server! We love it that you chose us!
In this topic, i'd like to talk about the server. The general things and some details.

First of all we have to look what the server has to offer!
Here's a little list:

- Factions
- Creative with plots
- Minigames
- Fun staff and players
- 24/7 open for new and old players!

So now you know that, let's talk about the details.


Factions is a survival based game where you can build up your own "community" or faction.
In the world, you can claim land as your own, grow bigger, stronger and form alliances and enemies.
You can fight over land or go somewhere where nobody can find you.
Also, if you claim land as your own, you can build and edit it. And when you claimed the land(chunk), it will be protected from griefing. Unless another faction takes over yours.

But don't worry! You can also play casual survival in the factions world! You don't need to be part of a faction to play it.

Creative World

In this world, you can build everything you want, where you want. Well, not exactly. Everyone can claim their own plot, where they, and only they, can build on. But don't worry, if you want to build something with your friends, you can always add them to the plot for more fun!
WorldEdit is active in that world for everyone, it's not causing lagg at all! We use a very nice plugin that slowly does WorldEdit's job, to prevent lagg.


Minigames! The fun part of the server! On the server we have 3 or 4 different minigames to offer you.
Currently only Survival Games is active due some outdated plugins. (This will be updated when the plugins are working, also will it be announced on the forum). The minigames require a minimum of 2 players and the maximum will be written on the join signs.

There will be several new maps to play on over time.

Staff and players

The staff is very friendly and will play with the players. If you need anything or you forgot how to do something, just ask one of the staff members; if they're online. if not, you can always ask other players or make a thread on these forums.
The staff is here to prevent people from not using the server how it should be used. Spammers/advertisers and hackers will receive a perm AND IP ban without warning. The staff has several guidelines that we wrote, to prevent people like that. IP bans will not be appealed, don't even try. As for the good players, we hope you like the server aswell as the staff and all the work behind it.


The server is being hosted with enough RAM. It's up 24/7 and gets automatically rebooted if a crash occurs.
If the server is offline for some time, then we are probably doing a maintenance ingame or on the technical side. This will be announced on this forums, so keep your eyes open! A maintenance will probably not take more than a day, unless it's a big problem/update.

We thank you for reading this, we suggest you head over to the rules now, in case you didn't read those yet.

With kind regards,

Emerald Staff Team

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