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General rules

Post by Stekelbees on Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:45 pm

Hello everyone,

In this topic you will find the rules of the server. When you join the server, you agree to these rules and the consequences they may have for you when you neglect them.

Don’t be disruptive
Basically no spamming, trolling, flaming, inappropriate content for the world you are in, backseat moderating, racist or discriminatory comments. Disagreements may, and likely will, happen; be mature and discuss it like responsible adults.

Be constructive
Further the conversation and be a part of this community, rather than spreading negativity. Talk about the minigames, personal interests, your favourite games etc. This is a place for you all to connect and create/nurture friendships. Any deliberately toxic behavour will not be tolerated.

Be respectful
Treat your fellow Dreamers with respect. We all come here to have a nice atmosphere, this community is generally VERY friendly and a joke is great, but know where to draw the line. If someone asks you to stop, do so. You don’t know everyone’s backgrounds and some topics may be a sore point for some – also don’t feel bad about asking someone to stop discussing something that makes you uncomfortable, we don’t want people to feel pushed out of the server. As long as everyone involved is polite and respectful, our dream won't become a nightmare.

You must have your Minecraft username in your forum username
Some people like to use a variety of names online & thats totally cool. However, if we can't acknowledge who you are between the server & here it makes things very difficult for a number of reasons. Please put your Minecraft name in brackets if you're not wanting to use it as your forum username.

Greet your fellow Dreamers
If you don’t know someone, introduce yourself. New people may join and if an admin or a mod isn’t around feel free to say hi, let them know you’re happy to see a new member. We’re an inclusive group so try not to drive people away or shut them out.

Subjects to avoid
Some topics as previously mentioned may be touchy, if you glance over them, fine, but the likes of Religion and Politics should be left out of as much on here as possible. Even if you find out about a political/religious view someone has and you don’t agree, DO NOT grief them over it.

Firstly, if you feel that someone has done something that either breaks these rules or has personally affected you then please follow this procedure. Complaints/Issues/Queries are to be kept in DMs to moderators, admins, co-owners or the owner, the person you choose to contact is completely up to you. If they feel they cannot help you they will pass you on to someone who can. If you have a complaint about someone, we won’t spill details. Perhaps the concerned person will need to be contacted but it will be kept anonymous. If it is something serious the owner will be contacted and it may result in a ban from the server, should it be deemed neccessary. So please try and resolve any conflicts yourself, just as you would IRL.

Try to keep the swears to a minimum
We aren't saying swearing isn't allowed at all... We all know in fits of excitement or rage, people slip out an f-bomb or two. Heck even the admins will be seen doing it from time to time. But having a curse word repeatedly in all your sentences just isn't a nice thing to see and can put a lot of people off talking. Remember we want everyone to feel welcome and included. Reign in the swears and you'll be more approachable!

Be a good member
With everything you type or say, be an example of why people would want to be in our community. Spread kindness and support. A lot of people in this community have many struggles and come here as a place to escape and feel wanted. Remember that everyone behind a username is a real person with real feelings. If you see someone down in the dumps, reach out a hand and pull them out of it. If you don't get on with someone, just acknowledge it in your mind and move on from that.

- The EDC Team

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